We change minuses to pluses

For investors, we create anticipated return of up to
8.4 %  p.a.

At the time of financial
sensations and crypto speculations
we are bringing an investment opportunity
to the market that stands
on a business model proven
throughout decades.

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The main purpose of r2p invest is to offer to investors good opportunities to evaluate their free capital.

How does it work?

r2p invest analysts seek new investment opportunities in the market with claims
in three key areas: Central Europe, Russia and Asia.
We invest in most profitable debts by means of our local SPVs – special purpose vehicles.

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Debt servicing and management

provides one of the most successful companies in this field, M B A Consult.
up to:
8.4 %  p.a.
After 3 years of holding a security the expected return is up to 27.4 % net.
The value of investment in a fund can the return of the initially invested amount is not guaranteed.

Investment strategies

Through its subsidiaries r2p invest finds and invests in proven portfolios of European and Central Asian debts.

These are then managed by a reputable company MBA Consult, which have been operating on the market since 1996 and is a leading international collection company in the CEE Region, Russia, China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore and Kazakhstan.

After the collection of debt by respective SPV, the funds valuated by interest return to the fund, and the entire process can be repeated.

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r2p invest SICAV, a.s.

Qualified Investors Fund of the SICAV form
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